Feasterville, PA

Placement Request Form



Final Round of Placements is due 6/11/21


The requested information is very important to prepare Team Placements. You can request a team to be placed in any division, there does not have to be an open spot. 

First list all girl teams than list all boy teams. If at any point during placements you are dropping a team make sure to list the dropped team with a note stating the team is dropping.

On the form it asks for age and team name, please make sure this information is included and clearly printed if not typed. Also if your team name is different than the one on the placement sheet online please advise us of your name change.

(Age Group: Please make sure to list all your Girl teams in order from U8-U19 and then your Boy teams U8-U19)

(U8 Groups will be listed as U9-81, U9-82, etc)

Jr Winter Teams are NOT to be placed on the Placement Sheet 

Next asks where these teams played in 2020-2021, make sure this information is listed. If it is new team or a team that did not play in the Fall 2020-2021 season then place N/A or NEW. If the team has played in 2020-2021 but not in ICSL than list what league they played in.

The column that list “Placement 2021-2022” is where ICSL has your team listed on the placements online. Also remember this information could change between the first and second round of placements, so be sure to review and update your information the second time around. 

Then last but not least the column that list “Request 2021-2022” is where your team would like to be placed in ICSL. If you are okay with your placement then you may write SAME or rewrite what’s written in the column that list placement 2021-2022.

Every column on this form should be filled out before you submit your placements. The last column should either remain blank or an "X" if you have attached a letter for that team. Again please follow the directions so that ICSL understands where you would like your teams placed for the 2021 Fall Season.