Feasterville, PA

Secondary Player Rules (MAX of 5)

1. Any player from any US Youth Soccer Travel League may register as a secondary player in any age group and division.


2. A Secondary player must be equal to or greater than their primary teams division

(Ex: U12-2 Primary Player can play Secondary for U12-2, U12-1 or U12-Elite)


3. If you are Playing up in age for your Secondary team then your division does not matter 

(Ex: U12-2 Primary Player can Secondary for U13-Elite, U13-1, U13-2, U13-3, U13-4 or U13-5)


4. If you are playing up primary and wish to secondary down for your age group then your division does not matter

(Ex: A player who is age pure for U12; is playing Primary at U13-2 can Secondary for U12-Elite, U12-1, U12-2, U12-3, U12-4 or U12-5)


5. Any player registered to more than one (1) team must participate in the game played by the team with which the player is a primary player in order to qualify him/herself as a player on the team to which he/she is registered as a secondary player if both or all teams have games schedules on the same day.