Feasterville, PA

Club Pass Rules & Directions



You may only use a MAX of 3 CP players in a Fall Game.

You may only use a MAX of 5 CP players in a Spring Game.


CP Player must be a primary player in your club. (Not secondary player)


CP Player must be equal to or moved up in division from his or her primary rostered team to CP for another team (If the player is from another league use your best judgment)


CP Player should only be used in the event that you are short players. You will be able to select players from other teams in your club to add to the match card for game day – those players do not have to play in ICSL but they need to be in your age group and/or younger, in order to be added to your match card.


CP Players ONLY go on Match card NEVER Roster.


CP Players should wear a matching uniform for the team they are playing with. If there is a duplicate jersey number, the coach should add tape to one of the players. This will not prevent the player from playing. The Coach should proactively alert the ref if they have this issue.


Your game day match card cannot go over your max permitted roster size

(12 for 7v7, 16 for 9v9 and 18 for 11v11).




NOTE: Once you have created your players attending the Game on your match card you must go back to Step 2 click 3 dots and click Print Match Card (Photo Style)


Lastly this does not mean that you can “stack” your team for a tough game or that you can avoid playing the players on your own roster, just to add other players to your match Card.  Your first priority will always be to the players on your Official Roster and those club pass players will be great fill ins when you are short-handed.