Feasterville, PA

Referee Duties

When filling out the referee game report please fill in all information asked on both sheets and send your report with the line up’s to the ICSL office

You may mail your report with line ups to 222 Bustleton Pike Feasterville Pa 19053, fax your report with line ups to 215-322-7566, or scan the report with line ups and email to icsl@verizon.net  

Referee reports for each game must be received, with the line ups, from each game within 48hrs! 


Referee Responsibilities:


·        ICSL requires referees to check coach and player passes

o   If a player pass is unavailable, it's okay for the player to play, note information on report and have the player sign the line up.

·        Game reports are required for every ICSL league game

o   Reports must be completed with Referee name and ID#

o   Line ups must come in with the game report

o   Submit: via mail, fax or electronically

·       Referees must maintain a current USSF registration.

         Always wear USSF approved referee uniforms.

·      Be prepared, arrive early with a watch, flag set, whistle, red/yellow cards, score sheet, pencils/pens, tossing coins, etc 

·      Check coach and player passes prior to the start of each ICSL league game.

·      Check players for shin guards, socks pulled over shin guards, shirts tucked in, and that jewelry, earrings, watches, etc have been removed.

·      Check the field to make sure nets are securely fastened to the goal posts, goal posts are secured to the ground, corner flags are in place, and field markings are visible.  The home team is responsible to correct any issues.

·      Report any issues on the game report.

·      Alert assignor / league of any significant issues, red cards, injuries etc.

·      Read the ICSL rules prior to officiating any match.  See "Rules and Regulations" on the ICSL website.